UK Travel: A Coronavirus Update

Dickens World

Leviathan Way Chatham Maritime Kent ME4 4LL

Tucked away in a mall down near Chatham Dockyard, the only thing that's surprising about Dickens World is that it took so long to arrive. It offers a great half-day out for both big and little kids and their parents, with effective re-creation of the streets and alleyways of Victorian London, and ninety-minute guided tours that really get you involved. Sadly you can't do the splashy river ride anymore, and you're not left to your own devices to wander around in the way that you once were,  but the in-character actors are high quality, and take you through a variety of Dickensian locations, taking in Marshalsea Debtors Prison and  a Victorian school as well as meeting some of the ghostly characters that Dickens wrote about. Not Disney, but a decent effort. You must book tours in advance.