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Hand planing

Extreme Academy On the Beach Watergate Bay Cornwall TR8 4AA

Fancy hitting the waves without a surfboard getting in the way? Hand planing is the answer. Basically turbo-charged bodysurfing, all you need is a hand-held mini surfboard and a pair of fins to propel you into the waves. Quick to learn, it takes you back to the purest form of riding waves before surfboards came along – and you get all the buzz of zooming down the face of a wave without having to learn to get your feet. Brand new to Watergate Bay's Extreme Academy this spring, hand planing is an excellent ocean sport for all wave conditions. The Extreme Academy's Carl Coombes says: “You can play around in clean surf in the shallows, or go out when its four or five foot onshore and duck dive in the big white-water waves to catch some white frothing monsters.” Participants should be over 12 years old and must be able to swim.

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