Bircham Windmill

Great Bircham Norfolk PE31 6SJ

The flat fields here used to be dotted with windmills but there are very few left, and even fewer like this one, family-owned and in full working condition and open to visitors. There's a bit of something for everyone at Bircham. The mill itself is kept much as it was a century ago and boasts marvellous views from the top. There's a bakery selling wonderful bread and cakes made with the windmill's own flour, baked in the original 19th-century kitchen; and an art gallery and tea-room serving lunches and cream teas. The meadow beneath the windmill has also been set aside for campers, with a couple of cosy shepherd's huts you can stay in as well as a traditional campsite space for pitching tents. As if that weren't enough, they also make their own cheese in the dairy (including the Wensleydale-style ‘Norfolk Charm' and feta-style white and creamy 'Miller’s Fancy') and kids can watch the sheep being milked every afternoon.

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