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Whiskers Coffee & Wine House

5-7 Gover Lane Newquay Cornwall TR7 1ER

If you’re the sort of person who believes that life is too short to drink bad wine, you’ll fit in nicely at Whiskers. Appealing to the fine wine drinkers looking for somewhere more sophisticated and relaxed than Newquay's typical drinking dens, here you can sip your way through a selection of organic wines, beers and ciders, from easy drinking Sauvignon to expensive Champagne. But Whiskers isn’t only about decent plonk: The aroma of locally-roasted coffee beans also lures punters to lounge around on plump sofas. Then there's the tantalising menu of gourmet nibbles – from stuffed vine leaves and chorizo paste, to whopping boards of mixed Spanish meats and chunks of cheese with crackers and chipotle chilli jam. Not to mention the mouth-watering cakes and croissants. A refreshing departure from Newquay’s usual style, Whiskers fills the gap between fine dining and fish and chips, with a place where playing board games, relaxing with friends and listening to live music goes hand-in-hand with fine wines, artisan coffee and gourmet tapas. And if you wondered where the name came from – well, just as cats’ whiskers guide them, so coffee, wine and nibbles so often helps to get us humans through the day. 

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