Southerndown & Dunraven Bay

Southerndown, nr Bridgend CF32

Southerndown is arguably the most scenic of the numerous idyllic coastal villages in the Vale and is certainly the most popular with the locals.  The drive or walk to the bay is right on the cliff edge and has the type of dramatic drops that will make your heart shudder.  Although the beach is officially called Dunraven Bay, the locals here call it Southerndown beach.  The half pebble, half sand stretch is nicely secluded and has impressive surf due to the eastern Atlantic off-shore winds.  If you're feeling particularly brave, you could try walking over the rocks around the cove at low tide to the empty cove next to it.  But you do risk the chance of being stuck there when the tide comes back in. Needless to say, the beach gets rammed in the summertime, but you can always seek refuge in the nearby Three Golden Cups pub, or pop into the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre. If you fancy a good walk, try going through the large gate in the car park and walk along the Glamorgan Coastal Path past the ruins and gardens of Dunraven castle.  The views will blow your mind.