The Chapel

34 Milford Street Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 2AP

Nothing to shake Ministry of Sound, but Salisbury’s largest club remains the first choice for a post-pub bop for teens and twenty-somethings. There’s a party pick ’n’ mix of cheese and chart-toppers in The Courtyard and urban sounds in The Chapel. The club is divided into four sections with different music in each and most nights are free entry provided you arrive early enough - the late crowd paying to get into the party. The incredible ambience comes from the unique setting, a derelict Church and Sunday school renovated in 1997 by owner Jonathan Newbery. The club alter of Salisbury, it's busy, boozy and good fun. Don't expect a world-leading club scene, but for such a small city this is a remarkably great venue and a very cool space.

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