Fisherton Mill

108 Fisherton Street Salisbury SP2 7QY

House and gift-friendly knick-knacks are the big sellers in this quietly bohemian gallery installed in a former mill. But there’s genuine artistry here too, whether its hand-crafted jewellery, hats or sculpture, to make this the wellspring of Salisbury’s arts and crafts scene. Built in 1880, this Victorian mill was used as warehouse space for the Australian army when the First World War started before returning to its former use creating animal feed, seeds and fertilisers, as well as processing grain. By 1984 the site was closed and unused until a decade later when Michael Main, the grandson of the original owner, rescued it to open today's Gallery. He also opened a very nice little café where visitors can enjoy a coffee as they view works by talented artists and designers, adding another dimension to the mills evolving history.

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