70 Charlotte St Fitzrovia London W1T4QG

Tracey McLeod in the Independent coined the term “Frankenfurter-stein” for the curious combination – champagne and hot dogs – that this restaurant specialises in: street food basically, with a side bar for standing and 35 tables for seating.  Actually the single-source. 'grower' champagnes are the real focus, a great selection, and the dogs a novel side dish; but there's a wide choice, from veggie dogs to the glorious Mac Daddy, topped with macaroni and cheese, crispy onions and bacon bits – a greasy dish that offsets the refined acidity of the champagne perfectly. Considering we're talking about hotdogs, it's not a cheap place, but then it is a champagne bar – and the champagne, bless 'em, is very good and fairly priced.

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