5 Hereford Road Notting Hill London W2 4AB
"This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you."
Hafez himself might have recommended this restaurant, which blends the ancient and modern traditions of Persian cooking to create delightful and timelessly classic food. It's often packed with Iranians enjoying a taste of the home country, and serves some of the best Persian food in London. Be sure to try the home-made bread and baked aubergine, and of course the kebabs, which are the star here and come with salad and rice.  Easy to miss, tucked away far from the gravitational pull of Portobello Road, it's a simple sort of place: prices are keen, there are some curious but wonderful artworks on the walls, and the service is friendly and down-to-earth – just what you need in the heart of not always down-to-earth Notting Hill. What's more, it's always open!

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