Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Notting Hill

A walk down Portobello road will take you past the posh boutiques and grand houses of Westbourne Grove, all the way to the more gritty Golborne Road, with a dizzying fall through many strata of London life on the way. The famous open-air antiques market is worth a stroll - just be aware you won't find much of interest there if you're looking for real antiques, but there's a wonderful variety of strange and wonderful junk on display which will keep you entertained.

As you start walking down the road, if you're peckish make a pitstop at Arancina for pizza, then take a quick pace to get past all the tourist tat at the top end, till you reach Westbourne Grove. If you'd like to see the posher side of Notting Hill, you can take a right here to explore the many boutique shops and cafés, and then head back to Portobello Road when you're finished. There are lots of lovely restaurants here too, so consider it on your way back for eating.

Next up comes the bulk of the market, which can be a squeeze on Saturday afternoons, particularly if the weather is good. You'll find everything you might expect here, and quite a few things you didn't, although there is nothing of great value, there are a lot of curiousities and rifling through the stalls is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

When you reach the A40 road bridge spanning the road, watch out for the Banksy artwork on the right, usually hidden behind market stalls. There is also a little market here which has a range of food stalls, so you can stop off here if you feel like a snack.

You'll find the market thinning out at this point, but don't stop walking as there is plenty more to explore. Almost at the end of Portobello Road you'll find Golborne Road, with the fabulous Lesboa, and a few other Portugese cafés, along with some strange little shops like Ollie & Bow.

Finish your trip with a quick look at the brutalist masterpiece of Trellick Towers, which broods at the end of Golborne Road and overlooks the entire area, and then you can wander back down Portobello and perhaps visit one of the areas beside it for lunch.

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