Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road Kensington London SW7 5BD

Surely the best natural history museum in the world, London's temple to all things nature is a must-visit. The dinosaurs are the museum's biggest attraction, and you can meet a pretty convincing T Rex, but there's plenty more to see, including a giant Earth sculpture, a life-size model of a blue whale and a piece of the moon. You can explore galleries devoted to mammals, invertebrates, insects, birds and fish, check out the Diplodocus skeleton 1300-year-old giant sequoia in the Central Hall, and uncover the secrets of your own body in the human biology gallery, where you can test your memory and hear what a baby experiences in the womb. If you're here between October and April don't miss the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, a display of jaw-dropping images of nature taken by amateurs which is well worth the extra charge. One of London's great attractions, and a perennial favourite with young children.

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