Breakfast Club

31 Camden Passage, Islington, London N1 8EA

The clue’s in the name – The Breakfast Club is a cheery celebration of the most important meal of the day, dished up in a buzzy room devoted to 1980s popular culture. Polaroids pinned to the wall share space, tweenie bedroom-style, with posters of the Dukes of Hazzard, Paul Young, Bananarama and, of course, the Breakfast Club movie- so beloved of tortured teens everywhere. Scruffy and sparkly, decked with bunting and paper chains, fairy lights and old tin ad signs, it’s packed with a young crowd eating comfort food at all hours. Sunday’s the big day for a long brunch, where you can ease away a hangover with a Full English, a veggie fry-up, eggs Benedict or pancakes with fresh berries and syrup. The place segues later on into a casual lunch spot where enormous wraps, sandwiches, bagels, burritos and burgers rule the roost. But anything goes really – and if you hanker after a home-cooked breakfast at 4pm in the afternoon, followed by a slab of sticky toffee pudding with a vitamin-packed fresh fruit smoothie on the side, this is the place to come. Healthy types can opt for muesli or porridge or a huge salad for lunch. Less healthy types will enjoy the Elvis milkshake, which combines peanut butter, banana and ice cream, all shook up.

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