Parliament Hill Farmers Market

William Ellis School Heath Path off Highgate Road NW5 1RN

Parliament Hill Farmers Market opened in 2008 and has become a Saturday morning fixture for locals, joggers and dog-walkers. The twenty-odd stalls include fresh fish from Dorset coast, good meat and poultry, game in season, wonderful tomatoes (and tomato products) from the Isle of Wight, Little Jack Horner pies (who have been known to do squirrel), good organic veg and salads from Lincolnshire, fabulous French-baked breads, Glastonbury cheeses, and a superb home-baked pastries from Poppy’s. If you want more immediate sustenance, you can get the fish stall to shuck oysters, and there are barbecued venison burgers and sausage-in-rolls from a couple of the butchers.

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