21 Park Road Crouch End London N8 8TE

That Bob Dylan dropped into Juliette Banner’s brasserie in August 1993 says something about the notoriety of this perennially popular Crouch End institution. This is a diner Crouch End-style – family-friendly, locally rooted, ethically conscious – yet spiced up with a pinch of Americana via the Caribbean and Cuba. The same eclecticism that inspires the decor runs through the menu. There are full-works weekend fry-ups and fine homemade burgers, but there is also saltfish and a renowned jerk chicken. Of course, popularity has its downsides: a favourite with young families due to the kids’ meals and crayons, Banner’s is not especially relaxing at weekends. Nor is it particularly cheap (breakfasts are best value). But for a slice of buzzy local life, this is your place.

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