Tintin Shop

34 Floral Street Covent Garden London WC2E 9DJ

No, it’s not a pun or quirky appropriation of the name – the colourful Tintin Shop is exactly what it says it is, a store devoted entirely to the boy hero himself. Located on one of Covent Garden’s chicest streets, it’s been here for almost thirty years and continues to attract the young at heart and nostalgists who can't get enough of that iconic design.

As well as all the actual books, in both English and French, it stocks all the Tintin merchandise you’ve ever dreamed of, ranging from ceramics to stationery, postcards to plushy Snowys in assorted sizes and postures.

Whether you have a hankering for Captain Haddock, a penchant for Professor Calculus, or more of a taste for Thomson and Thompson (and yes, one was spelt with a 'p’ and one not – little-known fact, Tintin fans), you’ll get exactly what you want at this cute little place.

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