UK Travel: A Coronavirus Update

Melrose & Morgan

42 Gloucester Avenue NW1 8JD

They might call themselves a grocery shop but this isn't your average shop around the corner.  Aside from being located in upmarket Primrose Hill, you won't find bog roll here. Instead, the high class sundries on offer include fresh juices, salads, handmade tarts, pies, scotch eggs, en croute dishes, homemade chutneys and crumbles.  In fact you'll probably want the lot – especially when you see their impressive selection of fine cheeses – most of which and nearly everything on offer is sourced within the UK.  But, If you cannot wait till you make it home, grab a takeaway or sit down and sample the delicious daily in house menu.  Dishes like Pollock Goujons with Tartar, and Chicken, Leek & Ham Pie, will have you coming back time and time again. 

Look out for their Hampstead store, same choice, same excellence.

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