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Chin Chin Laboratorists

49-50 Camden Lock Place Camden London NW1 8AF

While Heston Blumenthal et al have been banging the molecular gastronomy drum for some time now, our humble high street eateries have taken a little longer to catch on. Enter Chin Chin Laboratorists— Europe's first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. Let's face it, it takes something pretty unique to stand out from the day-glo madness of Camden's iconic Stables Market. And Chin Chin's gelatoria is nothing if not unique. It's a positively psychedlic, gastronomic mash-up; a scoop of Willy Wonka with a dollop of Mr Whippy thrown in for good measure. Inside, Chin Chin's is a veritable mad scientist's kitchen— the 'scoopers' don white lab coats and safety goggles while beakers, test tubes and conical flasks abound. Though the selection is pretty small, the sheer inventiveness of flavours confounds the imagination (Marshmallow Teacake anyone?). The Jelly Baby Sorbet will take you on a nostalgic taste journey to the pick 'n' mix counter of your childhood. While the Cigar-Smoked Caramel is infused with... you guessed it – bona-fide Cuban stogies. Chin Chin staff are super-friendly and knowledgeable; chemist-in-chief, Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur, is happy to talk customers through the finer points of cryogenic creamery. Be sure to check out the gas-tank at the door while chilling in one of the cool swing-seats.

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