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Kentish Town City Farm

1 Cressfield Close off Grafton Road Kentish Town London NW5 4BN

Just a short bus ride away from Camden's epicentre, lives a little slice of rural charm. For over 40 years the locals of Camden and Kentish Town alike have paid homage to this granddaddy of city farms, where ducks and geese wonder around freely whilst the urban pastures round the back often make room for goats. Strolling over the railway bridge takes you the main part of the farm, including the horse stables and mandatory pig. Be warned, kids will have a field day here and nag insistently until they get the chance to have a ride on one of farm's horses, when you can at least take a gander at the farm's allotments, each teaming with seasonal fruit and vegetables. For a fitting souvenir, why not purchase some fresh farm eggs to have with your morning fry-up?

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