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Belgo Noord

72 Chalk Farm Road Camden Town London NW1 8AN

Camden has long been a bit of a foodie hub, so it makes perfect sense that the Belgian chain Belgo should have decided to base their first London restaurant here. And it’s as good as it ever was, serving up the best Belgian classics along with great beer, and indeed great food cooked in great beer. There are over 70 beers on the menu, including every Belgian beer you’ve ever heard of (and plenty you haven’t) – draught pilsners, hardcore Trappist ales, fantastic fruity concoctions, and refreshing white ales; and it details how each should be poured and which glass it should be served in (don’t be afraid to kick off if it’s not right – a Belgian would!). And that's just the drinks: food options include wild boar sausages, fantastic spit-roast chicken basted in blonde beer and of course steaming pots of moules-frites. It’s not the ideal place for vegetarians but you can’t have everything,and added treats include the Express Lunch menu and ‘Beat the Clock’, where you pay the same price as the time you order it (order at 6pm, pay £6). Always good, whatever time you decide to eat.

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