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Coco Bamboo

83A Haverstock Hill Belsize Park London NW3 4RL

As the song goes, "If you like Pina Coladas...then come to Coco Bamboo". Ok, we made that last part up. But cheesy 1970s iconic pop tunes aside, the guys at Coco Bamboo really do make a mean Pina Colada. They also make delicious Latino classics like the Caipirinha, Mojito and Margarita, and a few of their own exotic concoctions, which are seriously well worth a try. Impressively, Coco Bamboo has managed to take the exotic, Latino vibes from the furthest corners of Sao Paulo, shaken them with some flare, spice and sunshine from the Caribbean and created a sweet little slice of paradise right in the heart of north London.  Walk in on a random night, and you're pretty much guaranteed to be treated to the sounds of Brazil from a live band or DJ, the heady aromas of Brazillian & Caribbean fusion food from their restaurant, plus a smiley bartender.  The last treat is the roof terrace, from which you can sip on your Amazônia cocktail (a super drink made with Açaí berry, banana liquer and Velho Barrerio Cachaça) and gaze at the busy Londoners below. 

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