Haché Burger

24 Inverness Street Camden Town London NW1 7HJ

Put simply, and despite the decor – pink fairy lights and French food terminology scrawled all over the walls – Haché is one of the best burger joints in London. The menu speaks for itself , with a plethora of both basic and more inventive options, such as the steak forest – a burger topped with gigantic portobello mushroom and basil pesto – or the steak Sicilian, topped with parma ham and premium mozzarella cheese. It's not cheap by any means, and is tiny, so you're may need to make a reservation if you don't fancy waiting (something that doesn't feel quite right when you're just popping out for burger), but the burgers are large and uniformly excellent – and, hey, they give you a complimentary bowl of smarties with your bill. Now that's fine dining.

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