The Good Mixer

30 Inverness Street Camden Town London NW1 7HJ

Camden doesn't come any sketchier than this – for lack of a more appropriate word – pub. It's actually more of a dive, where local bikers, traders, tattooed skinheads and rockers come to slug their pints in peace. But don't let this put you off, for just like Camden itself, you mustn't be fooled by appearances. The Mixer is a huggable slice of Britpop history, as well as an extremely laid-back and friendly boozer, with a couple of decent 'winner stays on' pool tables too. The bar staff has lots of attitude – you may have to wait a bit to get served if they don't like the look of you – but that's all part of the charm, and ultimately, whatever they may say, the Mixer is just a dingy old pub with cheap booze and Sky Sports. But hey, if it was good enough for Ms Winehouse....

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