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Jamon Jamon

38 Parkway Camden Town London NW1 7AH

Back in the day you could count the number of North London tapas bars on the fingers of one hand. Now they're everywhere, and as a result standards and levels of authenticity can vary quite a lot, and some are downright pretentious. The charmingly humble Jamon Jamon, however, bucks all these trends, with big rustic tables that are perfect for sharing excellent Sangria, impossibly huge portions of seafood paella and other canny dishes, including beef casserole, breaded mussels stuffed with squid, onion and peppers and, well, all the usual tapas fare. It's not the only Jamon Jamon in London (there's a sister branch close to Charing Cross), but it retains a buzzy local feel that's perfect for early evening and lunchtime, when they offer two tapas for the price of one during the week, noon–5pm.

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