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Mario's Pizza at The Star of Bethnal Green

359 Bethnal Green Road London E2 6LG

Upstairs at the ever popular Star of Bethnal Green, Mario's Pizza is fast becoming one of E2's most popular places to eat. With quirkily named creations like "Francescana Knuckles" and "Ricotta Villaboas", the menu makes no secret of the nocturnal ravings which the bar downstairs is famous for. But if you were expecting functional, mediocre grub to sate the appetites of beered-up revellers, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Mario’s pizza is the real deal – a light yet wholesome dough baked to a fine, thin crispy crust and topped with flavoursome, milky mozeralla and a sweetly rich tomato base sauce. And it's all made by real Neapolitans who take their food seriously. They also do roasts on Sundays, including a mammoth sharing slate for 2. 

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