Mimmo la Bufala

45A South End Road Hampstead NW3 2QB

Mimmo la Bufala is a superior pizzeria – one of a small, quirky chain run by a trio of brothers, whose farm in Campania provides the creamy buffalo mozzarella that gives them their name. The Hampstead branch is run by Mimmo, whose Neapolitan charm infuses proceedings, and though service can be a bit slow on busier nights, it’s a relaxed, fun place. The pizza is terrific: good dough, terrific mozzarella, creative combinations, and a proper wood-fired oven. It’s used as a takeaway by locals, who are spoilt for evermore from enjoying lesser pizzas, but of course it’s best on the spot. And if you’re not a pizza fan, La Bufala has a decent Italian menu, too, with the standards and specials enhanced by buffalo cheese, steaks and sausages.

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