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Agoon Pani

91 Henderson Street EH6 6ED

It takes a lot to stand out from the Edinburgh Indian restaurant crowd, but this new kid on the Leith bloc manages it. The location helps, reclining in a spacious retreat overlooking the Water of Leith, which you can see out of the large windows. The decor steers away from cheesy images of the subcontinent, with a trim modern style more in keeping with a lounge bar. The menu offers all the old classics infused with a few Bangladeshi touches, courtesy of the welcoming brothers who are behind the restaurant. Highlights include the King Prawn Hotpot, with the meaty prawns served in a spicy sauce that is just enough to get the tastebuds going without destroying them before the main courses arrive. They offer a mean Tandoori main for those looking to cut down on rich sauces, though the Tandoori Kebab Platter has enough perfectly cooked meat and shellfish to stop a small army. The Saag Dall Gost is also highly recommended, a delicious slow cooked combination of lamb, spinach and lentil that bursts with flavour and is best accompanied by a garlic naan. Even the side dishes here are rich with real flavours and fresh spices. Draught Cobra and Kingfisher complete what is a beguiling mix that sets Agoon Pani out from the Edinburgh Indian restaurant crowd.

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