The Edinburgh Larder Bistro

1a Alva Street Edinburgh EH2 4PH

The Edinburgh Larder ticks all the boxes for local produce and slow food movement fans, and the fact that this West End oasis does so with a relaxed informality and lack of pretension makes it all the more appealing. In fact when it comes to knowing and working with the foodie Zeitgeist they are some of the most switched on people in the city. The owners also gave this subterranean venue a major refurbishment in summer 2013 that mercifully did not overcook the still rustic décor. Unusually, many of the suggestions on their menus come from their customers, so it's a truly collaborative effort too! Expect all things seriously local and seasonal, from the fruit and vegetables, through their meat (less obvious cuts aplenty) and fish (pollack over unsustainable cod of course), and even on to beers and local artisan coffee roasters. They list many of their suppliers on their website. It is hard to say what you might eat as naturally it changes all the time, but you get the idea. They also have a café and bakery elsewhere in the city and late in 2013 added a lovely wee artisan bakery at this branch too with quality baking by 'Caroline the Baker', including gluten-free and low-sugar options, as well as artisan coffee.

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