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Kyloe Restaurant & Grill

1-3 Rutland Street Edinburgh EH1 2AE

Even if Edinburgh's 'first true gourmet steak restaurant' has chosen a slightly oblique name (Kyloe is an old Scots word for cattle), there's little doubting that it means beefy business. Passers-by are likely to be struck by the front half of a cow barging its way through the fascia of the Rutland Hotel, and if they miss that then another bovine model, its anatomy divided into butcher's cuts, right outside the door, hammers the message home. The waiters here will gladly run you through the full range of choice cuts on offer and their respective qualities. They will even bring you out a tray full of gleaming cuts for you to choose from. Their ribeye, with its juicy interior and gratifyingly crunchy exterior, is very close to perfection on a plate and their chateaubriand has a fair climb to be the finest you will find in Scotland. This slab of juicy fillet to share is best served with a side of bone marrow, bearnaise sauce, and, of course, a glass of classy Malbec! If you prefer to plump for something other than steak, you'll be well catered for too, with sizzling alternatives including their delectably tender lamb cooked two ways, a cutlet and suet pudding combo, and the light and crunchy tempura fritto misto with chilli jam. Their award-winning 'Great Sunday Meat Up' is fast becoming the stuff of local legend too. Book ahead for a chunk of prime Borders rib, carved at the table with all the trimmings, a bottle of wine and an old style comforting British pudding.The large, open dining room has been given a feeling of playful warmth, with its cowhide wallpaper, dim, barrel carved lights and dark wood tables - not a red leatherette seat-back in sight. 

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