The Kingham Plough

Kingham Chipping Norton Oxfordshire, OX7 6YD

Walk into the Kingham Plough and you're greeted by a pig. Not a real one, but a lifesize wooden sculpture of a very handsome fellow, sitting in a beautifully modern, fashionable bar area which rather belies the standard-looking pub on the outside. Don't be fooled, this is a proper place to eat, rather than somewhere locals pop in for pint of Hooky – at least it has been for the past five years or so – and it attracts a grown-up clientele from all over the local area. You can eat in the bar area or in the restaurant, however bookings default to the restaurant area so tell them if you would prefer the bar. The service is friendly and attentive and despite the location, there's not an ounce of snootiness about this place . The food is nothing short of spectacular – very local and some of it even foraged. You can exchange your own foraged offerings for drinks at the bar – a basket of elderflowers in May is worth a pint, for example. The unique selling point is 'sous-vide' cookery - a kind of French pressure-cooking which needs no introduction to Masterchef viewers and makes for succulent meat and great-tasting accompaniments. There are lots of other admirable details too, from the fantastic decor in the loos to the amazing hampers that are for sale to local walkers. Your only job is to eat, and you won't be disappointed.

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