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Stonehouse Bakery

Danby YO21 2LZ

There's not much in little old Danby – the timeworn village at the centre of the moors – but there is Ian and Fiona's fabulous Stonehouse Bakery and tea rooms. It's full of craft breads and cakes – sun-dried tomato bread to homemade brioche, traditional bread pudding to Moroccan orange cake – supplemented in the tea rooms by soup and sandwiches, locally made pies, coffee and morning croissants and afternoon tea and scones. Danby itself ticks over most of the year, and comes to life in spring and summer when the walkers and cyclists arrive – The Moors National Park Centre is just a mile down the road. Arm yourself with some Stonehouse Bakery peanut brittle and you'll be able to tackle any local route with confidence.

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