The Bertinet Bakery

6 New Bond Street, Bath BA1 1BH

Born in Brittany, Richard Bertinet has been baking since age 14. He opened the Bertinet Kitchen in Bath in 2005, a lovely little 'school' dedicated to teaching his skills to both keen amateurs and cooking professionals. In 2010 he was named BBC Food Champion of the Year. And in 2011, the Bertinet Bakery was unveiled, a delicious deli and cute cafe. The latter is an Atkins nightmare: bulbous loaves and enormous bloomers are available from the shop counter; more Bertinet goodies can be eaten in at the small cafe upstairs. Here, tea is served in bone china cups; toasters sit on some of the tables (so you can get your teacakes how to like them); you can help yourself to jams. The Kitchen cookery school is a short walk away (12 St Andrew's Terrace, BA1 2QR); here you can sign up for a range of classes, from basic breadmaking to biscuit-decorating and a pastry masterclass; advance booking essential.

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