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Colonna & Small's

6 Chapel Row, Bath, BA1 1HN

Colonna & Small's is not a place for the indecisive. They're obsessive about their coffee here, and choosing what you want can be quite a performance, right down to the bean of choice. Do you fancy nutmeggy or caramelly? Bitter chocolate? Perhaps a hint of hazelnut? A blackboard of 'beans of the day' explains the subtleties of each one; and luckily the staff (coffee nerds to the last) know what's what and can help you decide. For instance, the espresso brews are good with milk; the filtered types, which bubble away on the counter in what looks like a science experiment, are best drunk black. Whichever you finally settle on, you know it's been made with passion and care – and the café's light and airy space, or the small courtyard garden out back, are fine places in which to savour it.

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