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The Mint Room

Longmead Gospel Hall, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3EB

Opened in 2011, The Mint Room is not your average rock-up-drunk-at-midnight-and-stuff-down-a-korma kinda place. The ambience, for starters, is a little less stained white tablecloth, a little more contemporary calm colours and low lighting – though the location on the Lower Bristol Road isn't quite so chic. The food is fresh and innovative, however – traditional Indian recipes get a modern makeover; presentation is pretty fancy. Take the signature dishes, a mouthwatering melee of South India dosas, Bengali-style red mullet and king prawn balchao, infused with chilli, coconut and Goan jiggery. There are plenty of grilled options from the tandoor, too, while the drinks menu is more cocktails than Cobra beers.

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