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Horning Road, Hoveton, Norfolk NR12 8JW

Just outside the pretty Broadland village of Horning, there are weird creatures lurking in the forests and swamps. Some of them bask in the reeds, waiting for unsuspecting small children to come by; others have built small houses in the trees, where they hide until it’s quiet, only emerging to pick up litter, which they hate. Welcome to Bewilderwood, a homespun fantasy world that is one of Britain’s most unusual attractions for children. Based on series of books by local author Tom Blofeld, it brings the reedy, watery environment of the Broads to life for kids – both as a land of make-believe based on the characters in the books and an overgrown adventure playground full of rope bridges and ladders, zip wires and tree houses. You get around by way of walkways and forest paths, and a boat takes you around a tiny broad where Mildred the lisping vegetarian crocklebog blows water at you. It has its drawbacks: in summer it’s hugely popular and there are queues for more or less everything. But its mixture of spooky fantasy and adventure has something for kids of all ages, from toddlers to daredevil teenagers, and there’s a wittiness to the whole thing that is refreshing and fun. Plus it has an admirably sustainable policy on all aspects of the park’s management.

The Owner Says

An award winning Treehouse Adventure Park, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, based on a series of children's books written by Tom Blofeld, co-creator and owner of this magical forest. You get to meet Mildred the vegetarian Crocklebog and just maybe see hints of intriguing characters such as Boggles and Twiggles......
BeWILDerwood is a magical world where you can take lazy boat rides across the Scaaaaary Lake, cross jungle bridges, visit treehouses, whizz down the Wobbly Wires, get befuddled in the marvellous Mudlde Maze, build dens with braken and sticks and dress up and join in with the enchanting daily storytelling - we are a world with more than a sprinkling of fairy dust for the whole family.
A wonderful family day out where mums, dads and grandparents can play alongside their children, running, jumping, swinging and creating stories and treasured memories together, whatever the weather.

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