Salhouse Broad

Salhouse NR13 6RX

Just outside the village of Salhouse, a small carpark marks the start of a signposted trail down to Salhouse Broad, an easy, ten-minute stroll that finishes up at one of the prettiest of the northern Broads. It's not much more than a wider stretch in the Bure really, shielded from the main body of the river by a couple of thin islands of trees. There are moorings on the bank, and you can camp in the field behind if you ask permission first, though there are no facilities of any kind. Various riverside paths lead down to a small children’s playground by the shore, there are bikes for rent, and in season you can rent a canoe to get out on the Broad itself, nosing your craft into the nooks and crannies of wet woodland that surround. Salhouse Broad is also the place to take a boat across to Hoveton Great Broad if you're not under your own water-borne steam.

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