Walk from Brockenhurst to Bank

Start at Meerut Road Brockenurst

One of the New Forest’s best walks, embracing typical New Forest heathland and woods, is this 5km path which links Brockenhurst with the little village of Bank. Start at Meerut Road on Brockenhurst’s northern fringes and take the rod-straight path which heads northwest across Butts Lawn – you will soon see some allotments on your right, and almost certainly grazing New Forest ponies. Turn right when the path crosses another track as you enter attractive woodland and cross a bridge over a stream (a great picnic spot). From here, the path is well-signposted as you enter fairly dense coniferous forest. After around 3km, you meet a small road. Turn left here and it’s a short walk into the pretty village of Bank, where the Oak Inn pub is a fine place to take the weight off.

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