A circular walk from Ober Corner

Ober Corner Car Park Rhinefield Road Brockenhurst Hampshire SO42

This easy walk could be completed in 40 minutes or so, but take a morning or afternoon of it and enjoy some of the leafiest sections of the New Forest on a circular walk that passes the lovely Ober Water. Start at Ober Corner car park and find the bridge over the stream, just to the southwest  – unless you have wellies, in which case you can easily wade across. The path over the bridge continues into open heathland – where Aldridge Hill campsite sets up in summer – then bears left past a house, through a gate which is usually kept open. The wide track heads into lovely woodland, and within 10 minutes you'll see a fenced Red Deer enclosure on your right. The deer tend to be elusive, but you might be lucky. You'll soon pass a small fenced enclosure on your left. Just past here, another fence becomes visible on your left. Take the path to the left that follows the outside of this fence, and you'll dip into more leafy woodland.  After about five minutes the path meets a gravel path – turn left onto this path and you'll soon see Ober Water on your right, parallel to the path. Five minutes on you'll see a bridge over the stream which makes a great picnic spot. Continue on the path (don't cross the bridge) and there's a shady section of silver birch and holly. After 200 metres the path bears uphill to the left, soon looping back down to run parallel with the stream again. You'll pass another bridge, then shortly after this, turn left and the path soon climbs back to the house near where you started the walk. Turn right and you'll be back where you started.

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