Terre A Terre

71 East Street Brighton BN1 1HQ

With an armful of awards and an army of fans, Terre A Terre is the glittering champion of Brighton’s vegetarian movement. Long before it became fashionable for restaurants to serve organic, locally sourced produce, Terre A Terre began crafting culinary works of art out of super-fresh ingredients from Sussex growers and dairies. It’s now speeding towards its 20th anniversary, and it’s still as exciting as ever.

Before you dive into the menu, consider ordering a glass of something refreshing, to help you concentrate: the dishes are so wonderfully complex that each description runs to several lines. The selection changes perodically; current favourites include cauliflower and ginger bhajis with slivers of chilli, sheep’s cheese rosti with Moroccan herbs and chip-shop-battered halloumi with vodka-spiked tomatoes and fresh pea hash. Everything is so delicious, this place could convert the most committed of meat-eaters.

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