Exotic Britain

Britain is a great hub for multicultural cuisine, activities, art and culture.  You can explore the world without leaving its shores – exploring the oceans in our aquariums, see the animals of Africa in the zoos and taste India from your local takeaway.  But just to prove that we know what we're on about, here's our list of the most exotic things to do in Britain.  It will save you the air fare at the very least, and there are plenty of last-minute offers here.

1. Zip World – Gwynedd, Wales

Who needs to venture out as far as New Zealand in order to get an adrenalin fix?  We've got the longest zip wire in Europe right on our doorstep.  Recently opened, the zip wire stretches across the entire length of Penrhyn Quarry.  So needless to say, the views are sensational.

2. Blair Drummond Safari Park – Stirling, Scotland

Ok Africa, eat your heart out.  Well, perhaps the exotic animals here might be a little confused about why they now live in Scotland, but this is still one family day out that's hard to beat in this part of the hemisphere.  The enclosures are huge and the animals range from elephants to lions, meerkats and penguins.  There's also a drive through section.

3. Broadway Market – Hackney, London

If you're a self-confessed foodie, then there's only one place you need to be. Hackney's legendary Broadway Market is one of the few places in Britain where you can get proper Indian Thalis, home-cured Norwegian Salmon, Ghanian curries, Italian Cheeses and German sausages – all in one street.

4. The CanoeMan – The Broads, Norfolk 

Not quite the backwaters of Kerala but a great adventure all the same – and when it comes to canoeing, you won't find many people in Britain with as much savvy or knowledge on the Norfolk Broads like The CanoeMan.  He does guides tours of the Broads ranging from wildlife trails to bushcraft experiences.  

5. Appletree Bay – Scilly Isles

It's hard to believe that the Scilly Isles belong to Britain and not the Caribbean, but with their azure waters, pearly white beaches and chilled out cafes, we're thankful that they're British.  All the beaches are of exceptional quality here, but our fave has to be Appletree Bay – mainly because throughout the year, you're always likely to have it to yourself.  

6. Methryr Mawr Sand Dunes – Bridgend, Wales

These sand dunes are so similar to the real deserts of Arabia, that they used it as a location for parts of the epic Lawrence of Arabia movie.    They go on for what seems like forever, with rivers and grassy hill tops, and when you climb a particularly large dune, the views are incredible. If you walk through the entire lot, you'll end up at one of South Wales's most impressive beaches, Ogmore.  

7. Cairngorm – The Highlands, Scotland

Forget the Alps, we've got our very own ski resort in the Scottish Highlands.  Bewarned, this is a very serious mountain range that only the experiences and well-equipped should consider hiking in, but it's fantastic for practising your snowboarding moves.

8. The Witchery Apartments – Edinburgh

Yes beaches are exotic, but for a hotel, The Witchery Apartments seem other-worldly.  It's possibly one of the most opulent and lavish hotel in the UK, so it's not one for a quick stop over.  But if you want a taste of glamour, to match that of Dubai then this is your place.

9. Bedruthen Steps – Newquay

Why waste time going al the way to Australia to see the Twelve Apostles, when we have our own equivalent right here in glorious Newquay. The rows of towering rock stacks rising from one heck of a beach is one of the most impressive sights in England.  The beach rarely gets busy either, so you can enjoy this all to yourself.

10. The Blue Lagoon – Pembrokeshire

Cliff diving isn't just left to the Norwegians.  The Welsh take it pretty seriously too, and stunning Pembrokshire provides the setting for the Red Bull Cliff Diving British heat, which takes place all over the world.  When the tournament isn't on, you can have a go yourself.  

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