Southwold Pier

North Parade Southwold IP18 6BN

Recently renovated, Southwold Pier is a wonderfully retro affair. It is, as they say, 623 feet of fun, but not in the same way  as the more glitzier affairs of Brighton and Blackpool, with not a fairground ride in sight, Instead you get a handful of relatively tasteful gift shops, a decent tearroom-restaurant, the excellent Boardwalk, and much else besides. Our favourite spot – and one which never gets boring – is the Under the Pier Show of artsy, post-modernist and hard-to-resist, arcade games – Whack-a-banker” is an unsurprising favourite, though we also love 'Pet or Meat', 'Autofrisk' and 'Rent-a-Dog'  – thatare the work of the satirical artist, cartoonist and maker of automata Tim Hunkin. Take a look too at the water clock further up the pier, and the telescope at the end, sponsored by the European Onion, which are also Hunkin creations.

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