Dunwich IP17

Dunwich is probably the strangest and certainly the eeriest place on the Suffolk coast, a large port during the Middle Ages that has steadily been lost to the sea – indeed the whole of the medieval city now lies under water, the last bit of which toppled over the cliffs in 1919. It's said you can still hear the peal of bells from the church under the waves, and on a more humdrum note there are regular surveys and diver-assisted searches for the remains of what has tantalisingly become known as 'Britain's Atlantis' . You can swim from the stony beach and look for yourself, or just park up at the sprawling, seashore carpark and visit the Flora Tea Room, a well-patronised fish and chip café. There's a nice pub – The Ship - just a few yards form here, a museum just beyond which tells the story of the once-great port, while just inland and freely accessible from the main road  are the ruins of a thirteenth-century Franciscan Priory and leper hospital, with a handful of impressive Norman architectural details. 

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