The Bathwick Boatman

Forester Road, Bathwick, Bath BA2 6QP

You can't argue with the location of the Bathwick Boatman. It might be a few minutes walk from the centre of town, but not only is it a pleasant stroll (a good excuse to head down Great Pulteney Street), it sits plum on the riverside too. The terribly English-looking building is an old rowing clubhouse, now given over to a family-run restaurant and it's here that chef-owner Ben Hall and his wife Rosy serve up fresh, rustic, largely Italian-style fare – Ben spent years training in Emilia-Romagna so knows what to do with a slice of prosciutto and a block of parmesan. Dishes include puy lentil hotpots, Asturian chorizo stews and chicken with funghi sauce. All can be served in smaller portions for the kids, and all are best eaten out on the wooden veranda (weather permitting), watching people mess about on the river.

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