Hastings Old Town

Hastings East Sussex

Hastings Old Town is a little enclave of loveliness snuggled between two hills at the far eastern end of this part tatty, part vibrant seaside town – it’s physically, in look and feel, quite separate from the rest of Hastings. A picturesque jumble of weather-boarded cottages, mossy-roofed townhouses and narrow 'twittens' (passageways), it’s home to a thriving artsy community, which feeds plenty of cafés, restaurants and independent shops selling art and antiques, upmarket homewares, flowers, artisan bread and more. Down on the seafront is The Stade, where the tall black net huts of the town’s still-working fishing fleet (the largest beach-launched fleet in Europe) abut the sleek, black-tiled Jerwood Gallery of modern art. For the best views of Old Town, take one of the two old funiculars that scoop you up the hills on either side: West Hill, topped by the ruins of the old castle erected by William I after his victory at the Battle of Hastings; or East Hill, the start of a three-mile stretch of lovely coastline that makes up Hastings County Park.

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