Bakewell Pudding Shop

The Square Bakewell Derbyshire DE45 1BT

Many have tried but nobody's succeeded in copying the world-famous Bakewell pudding. That's PUDDING, not tart. A Bakewell tart is something else altogether and not suitable for these pages. The real thing is slightly wonky oval pastry case  with a soft, jammy, almond-y filling, best eaten warm. Preferably straight from the bag in the street outside; in all the years I've been scoffing them (I went to school in Bakewell and it was our tuck shop) I've never managed to get one home. 

The Old Bakery is much more than a pudding shop these days, it's a vast space selling everything from local ale, wine, chutney, honey, jam and pickle to sweets, cheeses, olives, fresh vegetables, fruit and pies, and with a good cafe and restaurant upstairs, it's a great spot to head for after a morning's traipse round the shops. (They do 'Post a pudding' now so it's possible to enjoy them in the privacy of your own kitchen.)

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