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Objects of Use

No 6 Lincoln House Market Street Oxford OX1 3EQ

This shop is seriously cool. As the name suggests, you’ll only find useful buys in here, all with their own alternative, quirky and unique twists. The shop covers everyday household items (scales, pans, kitchen utensils), children’s toys (bird callers, rattles and balloon cars), gardening tools and more. What makes them distinctive? In their own words: “We seek out international archetypes of everyday objects, often items that have been made in the same way, by the same people, for a long time. We believe that having the right tool for the job vastly improves the experience of completing our daily tasks.” While most items are sourced as locally as possible, in the UK, many are outsourced from countries all over the globe – you’ll find lethal-looking Japanese harvesting sickles alongside hand-carved Finnish burl cups. The crisp finish on the designs along with the meticulously organised interior leave you feeling like you’ve stepped inside one of London’s trendiest boutique interior design shops. My personal favourites? The brass candle snuffer (£17), the tiny toy mice (£2.50) and the Brown Betty teapots (£10.50-£16.50).

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