The Sir Garnet

36 Market Place Norwich NR2 1RD

There's something very inspiring about this elegant Georgian pub, hard by the marketplace in the heart of Norwich. A few years ago it was rundown and rather neglected, and the sort of place you'd avoid. Thankfully, it was rescued by local pub entrepreneur Lauren Gregory, and what a transformation! There's nothing flashy or upmarket about the place, and it shows you how keeping it simple can sometimes be all you need. There's an admirable focus on regional ales –  they always have 5 local brews on draft – as well as lots of good, well-chosen foreign brews like Voku Hila, and it's above all a nice place to drink, with a stripped-down interior that is contemporary while still makes the most of the historic building and its location. Even the coffee is roasted nearby. And food is served all day and is always a treat, with a selection of grazing dishes that make the most of the market next door and reference classic British dishes, and old-fashioned bar snacks. The same people also own and run the excellent Birdcage.

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