Highland Fling Bungee

Killiecrankie Perthshire PH16 5LG

Highland Perthshire has emerged in the last few years as one of Europe’s leading adrenaline sports hotspots, with the greatest thrill probably at Killiecrankie. Perched above a dramatic gorge, the bungee jump here marks the site of the ‘Soldier’s Leap’, where in 1689 a government soldier made a superhuman leap across the gorge to escape a pursuing army of Jacobites. The Highland Fling Bungee is now both an awe-inspiring sight and a heart-stopping activity, undertaken from the UK’s first static bungee platform, 40m up above the tempestuous whitewater of the River Garry. It's a 50mph leap into the unknown, and if that's not scary enough for you, they do night jumps as well!