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Glasgow Cathedral

Castle Street Glasgow G4

Glasgow Cathedral goes by a variety of other names – the High Kirk of Glasgow or St Kentigern's Cathedral or even St Mungo's – but it's basically the city’s cathedral and one of its most dramatic buildings. Medieval in origin, the present day structure supposedly still stands on the spot where Glasgow’s patron saint, St Mungo (also known as St Kentigern to clear that one up), founded it. The current building dates from 1197, and is built in Scottish Gothic style, the only medieval cathedral on the mainland to have survived the ravages of the Reformation. You may find it enough to admire its soaring forms from the outside, but it's worth stepping inside to admire the voluminous nave, as well as delving below ground to check out St Mungo's tomb. Whisper it very carefully so no local can hear you, but although it is still a practising place of worship it is no longer officially a cathedral.