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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Argyle Street Glasgow G3 8AG

The most visited museum in the UK outside London, the Kelvingrove was reinvented in a major overhaul a few years ago, re-opening to much fanfare in 2006. It's an old-fashioned place at heart, with a huge collection covering a bit of everything, from European art to natural history to ancient Egypt, but its 8000 or so items are now are far more thematic, rather than relying on a conventional linear narrative, which seems to keep young ones happy and certainly keeps more mature visitors on their toes too.

There are plenty of hands-on exhibits for kids, while adults can puzzle over how a Spitfire fits in amongst the taxidermy animals, or just what to make of Dali’s famous Christ of St John of the Cross. The museum's exhibitions can throw up more or less anything, from AC/DC (the Australian rockers) to 'rediscovering the Victorians'. Plus, the building is as much a work of art as anything on display, so make plenty of time for the Kelvingrove – at least half a day.