Riverside Museum

100 Pointhouse Place Glasgow G3 8RS

Glaswegians were up in arms when plans were unveiled to move their beloved Museum of Transport from its spiritual Kelvin Hall home but they calmed down in 2011 when the new £74 million Riverside Museum opened. A spectacular cultural oasis that was the brainchild of acclaimed Anglo-Iranian architect Zaha Hadid, the transport collection here is strikingly presented, the trams, trains and buses on the ground floor vying for attention with the motorbikes and cars that vault their way up the walls. Even the re-creation old-world street, the most famous part of the previous museum, has not only been preserved, but also extended, and upstairs the model ship collection has been reborn thanks to a conveyor belt display that sees Clyde-built ships sail their way around the room in the shadow of the river outside.

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